Health is the foundation of wellbeing. Filipino consumers want to stay safe and covid-free, but they also demand more choice, better outcomes and an active role in their health. Health care is now not just about treating chronic diseases but is becoming strongly oriented to preventive care.HEALTHY PINOY is the first virtual health and wellness expo featured on EXPO PH Mobile App. It provides many of your health choices in one user-friendly app and virtually brings together health and wellness buyers and BRANDS from different parts of the country. Discover products and services that are leading in this new era of personalized health and immunity. Get the chance to meet the people and companies shaping the way we Pinoys stay healthy and keep fit at home and at work. It is the virtual place to go for the latest in fitness, nutrition, health, workplace wellness and more and features well-known experts who are leading the health and fitness revolution.

Featured Brands

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EXPO PH App will be available soon.