Builders’ Virtual Expo 2020 is the first of its kind expo which opens opportunities and guarantees SAFE, STRESS and HASSLE free B2B and B2C event for both exhibitors and guests while addressing our most pressing construction-related needs in this challenging time, where building and construction matter more than ever. Though both industries have greatly been disrupted, BUILVEX 2020 aims to empower its exhibitors’ social responsibilities; from building recovery clinics, hospitals and rapid testing centers in just a few days to supplying life saving equipments, the industry have been pushed to take up a critical role in responding to the pandemic and help drive recovery.

With its theme “BUILD, CREATE, CONNECT, share the NEW NORMAL TRENDS for builders and constructors dynamics which drive our nation’s social and economic development, and as the nation faces a great challenge, methods which unlocks currently constrained equipments and labor availability will be presented in this digital platform which is an integral part of the first Builders’ Virtual Expo’s mission.

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